Power-point tools online– Have you ever created a PowerPoint Presentation and it is extremely large? Here’s an online tool which will take your presentation, compress it without losing quality, and give it back to you.​Good for more than just Power Point.

Transfer very large files. Files that are too large for DWAN or most civilian emails. You upload your file with the email of the person you want to send it to, they receive a link to click on and download directly. (Obviously NO PROTECTED documents.)  WeTransfer has been used to send extremely large building graphics to printers and is a tool to consider.

Manipulating pdfs- It used to be that you needed specific software to divide,

Merge, Split, Compress, Convert yourpdfs (and much more). 


Shorten Your Link
If you have a link to share and its too long or confusing, shorten it using Bitly. This site also allows you to track how much the link is being access, etc.

A collection of websites which offer various free services which might assist you in your PAO, Recruiting, UPAR, Social Media roles within the UVT.

​Une collection de sites Web offrant divers services gratuits qui pourraient vous aider dans l’exécution de vos tâches.

Online photo editing software for those who do not have access to software such as Photoshop. This is a pretty good online image editing site which will provide you some basic tools. (Works on DWAN)