Vinyl Banners

12' x 2.5', Heavy-duty outdoor quality banner.

Banners ideal for the side of RHIBs on static display or in a Santa Claus Parade, etc.

Some units have attached banner through grommets to PVC pipe to march in a parade.


I personally offer this service of designing and providing personalized items for Naval Reserve Divisions, Army Reserve Regiments, etc. If you would like to see some of the graphics I have created over the years, please visit my graphics page at

I can create graphics for you as well and provide an easy and cost-effective means of acquiring them.

All of the items I produce are under $1000 and do not require your unit to source multiple quotes, etc.

When I am requested to design an item for one NRD I will usually make that concept available here so that other NRDs might also use it. 

This is simply a field-expedient way possess smaller personalized items which might be harder to source otherwise. I usually design the item, post it to Vistaprint (my usual source of printing). I will add your item to my Vistaprint shopping cart, you simple go in and acquire it.