My design for Battle of the Atlantic Memorial 'Donors Wall' at HMCS Prevost

Working on Sentry Handbook for Sentries at National Sentry Program

My design for the background graphic for Battle of the Atlantic Memorial 'Donors Wall'

at HMCS Prevost

New Branding Trade Specific Banners for each NRD Recruiting

Battle of the Atlantic Memorial at HMCS Prevost

​Designed 2009 - Built 2010

My design for Battle of the Atlantic Allies Tribute Memorial at HMCS Prevost

Banners will be 8 foot x 2.5 foot heavy vinyl. Full banner shown below.

Below the banner are a close up of the individualized trade sections on other banners.

I originally decided on 6 different trade banners to each NRD. I might chose to alter this number to keep the entire purchase under $25,000.